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Parenting education is the key to create healthy families.

Our children are pure gifts of love and light. It is each child’s birthright to receive love and positive parenting to reach his potential. I work with parents to cultivate the most nurturing relationship as early as possible, so that each child feels welcomed and wanted, beginning at conception and birth! So many of us did not receive positive parenting and have spent much of our adult life trying to heal those wounds. I want you to both feel empowered in your parenting journey and to be aware of how you were parented so as not to repeat the past. I teach conscious parenting skills.

Do you know that early parenting can be fun and flowing? Research shows that the mother-baby relationship is a dance …how mother and child relate nonverbally at four months through smiles, song and movement affects the child’s sense of well-being at 12 months. Do you know how be in tune with your baby and read your baby’s cues, emotions and states? I teach the dance of belonging for secure attachment.

Many studies show that babies are much more aware than we used to think, beginning in the womb. You are your child’s first teacher, beginning at conception. Do you know how to bond with your baby in the womb? Do you know how to play with your infant to build her brain and support motor and social development? You can learn to be fully present with your baby and toddler, talk to her, reflect back feelings as well as set good boundaries. I teach communication skills.

Your first connection and relationship with your baby affects his emotional security and influences development of his brain and nervous system. There is a current rise in the incidence of ADHD, autism, learning problems, depressive disorders and violence. As a therapist, I have worked with these children for years and know the consequences of not having a good start in life. I teach you prevention strategies to improve your child’s long-term physical and emotional health.

Being “the mothering coach” is my true calling. My passion is to provide parents with the latest developmental based parenting knowledge, support and personal resources so that they can create both a secure bond with their children and the conditions for optimal development. I teach the art and science of mothering.

-- Becky Brittain, Ph.D.

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A mother changes her baby's brain with her eyes, smile, touch, and voice.

Secure attachment is the primary goal of the first year of life.

Let's empower all women and honor mothers who daily love and nurture their children.

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