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For parents of older children

In a difficult moment with your child, have you ever said to yourself, “Do I sound just like my mother?” You’re not alone. Our parenting is deeply influenced by the way we were raised. It is important to be aware of your own family legacy, because unconscious behavioral patterns keep repeating themselves over and over without awareness. I help parents heal the past, and learn skills that help them and their children now.

Families benefit from parent education no matter what the child’s age. The principles that I teach are based on effective, evidence –based parenting approaches. Each family is unique of course and there is an art to the application.

Every parent has to learn how handle setting boundaries, discipline, self- regulation, sibling rivalry, teen behavior, and communication. For years, I have worked with families on all of these challenges and have helped to recover love, acceptance, trust, balance and stability. Good communication of one’s authentic feelings and needs supports positive behavior change with empathy.

I also help parents work through more serious issues affecting their children, such as ADHD, disabilities, divorce, step parenting, death and other family traumas, adoption, guilt issues

Contact me and find new ways of relating to your children, whether you are going through intense times or just need some fresh ideas.

Custom Coaching
Every baby, every mother, every family is unique. I will listen to you and work with you to find solutions that fit your needs. Professional confidentiality is always practiced.


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