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Coaching (in person or by telephone)

I work with mothers, fathers, couples and grandparents. In our sessions, we work together to understand what is going on with you and your child at each stage of development, even starting before conception. I then offer you fresh perspectives and specific suggestions for positive steps you can take to help your baby and yourself. These may include setting new priorities and ways to strengthen communication with your child, your partner and other family members.

Many new mothers experience periods of fatigue, isolation, anxiety, or low self-esteem. I work with them to understand the situation, break these patterns and make positive, creative changes.

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Counseling & Therapy (in person)

If you are experiencing a highly stressful situation related to your pregnancy, your child, or family, I can work with you. I am a trained psychotherapist, who specializes in:
        • High-stress pregnancy
                • Treating anxiety, depression and the impact of parental illness
        • Birth Trauma
                • Treating babies and mothers after traumatic birth experiences
        • Post-partum depression
        • Parenting a premature baby
                • Meeting the special needs of premature infants
        • Developmental delays
        • Attachment disorders
        • Family changes
                • The impact of divorce, death and other changes on children
        • Couples counseling

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Phone: 314-482-7240

Self Care Sessions (in person)

I am a registered dance/movement therapist. I can work with you to help you become more present with yourself. Learning how to relax is an important skill for childbirth and parenting. As you get in touch with your breathing, your body, and your rhythmic flow, you open up to your maternal instincts and sense of well-being.


I offer classes through different organizations and settings.
        • Baby-toddler classes
        • Parenting Prep
        • Professional training for day care providers

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I am available to speak at schools, churches, universities, and professional conferences. Contact me for more information.

I speak on many topics, including:
        • Conscious Conception, Birthing and Parenting
        • Learning and Stimulation in the Womb
        • Principles of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology
        • Early Development of the Brain and Nervous System
        • Bonding and Attachment
        • Making the Transition to Motherhood
        • Understanding Newborns and Babies
        • Healing Birth Trauma
        • The Importance of Play
        • Planning for Your Baby: What You Need and What You Don’t Need
        • The Dance of Parenting
        • What Premature Babies Need


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