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Often times a new mother (let alone one of TWINS with REFLUX) operates in somewhat of a FOG. Becky helped me navigate through that fog and move through a situation that I would likely not have made it through to the other side nearly as quickly. Becky gives actionable advice!!!

Christina, St. Louis, MO

You are the best coach in the world. I would follow you to Africa to seek you out for your excellent and loving advice! Thank you so much for your great support during both my first and second pregnancies through their infant phases. We became wonderful parents with your heartfelt guidance.

Sheila, Los Angeles, CA
producer of the TV show The Dog Whisperer

As a new single father I needed all the help and advice that I could get. Becky was helpful, understanding and empathetic about my situation. I would recommend her to anybody who is pregnant, looking to get pregnant or who has children already who needs expert and relevant advice or counselling! More than just a therapist Becky is also a wonderful person, which is what makes her as good as she is.

Scott, Cahokia, IL

We consulted you during my pregnancy as we were first time older parents. I had health concerns and many issues to address with you. You gave us excellent prenatal coaching. My birth experience was wonderful as was prepared and relaxed. Our daughter is bringing us so much joy and we are in heaven. You really helped to get us ready for her arrival. You are the best at what you do! Thank you for your heartfelt compassion and great knowledge.

Robert and Susan, St. Louis, MO

I was anxious and miserable as had to go off my antidepressant medication during my pregnancy. You helped me learn to manage my stress levels and to prioritize my work schedule to find time for my own self nurture. You gave me many parenting resources and I feel confident and happy as a mother to Will. Your support got me through a very difficult time. I thank God that I decided to get some help as it has made all of the difference in my own and new son’s well-being.

Jessie, Cincinnati, OH

We had in vitro fertilization and are now blessed to have our twin boys. Your support and guidance through the pregnancy and early months after the birth were invaluable to us. The incredible thing to me was that you were really accurate about the boys’ personalities in the womb. They are so loving to each other and sweet tempered. I feel that our bonding to them in the womb made a big difference, as we already felt so connected to them at birth. I was able to breastfeed both very easily, too. Thank you for helping us get the support that we needed from our families and friends. You are so good at what you do. THANK YOU!  

Cathy and George, St. Charles, MO

Becky, you are an angel!! I found your website online and called you for help. I was considering leaving my new marriage because of problems with my stepson. You made me feel better immediately and gave us excellent parenting advice. Our problems turned around with your inspiring and practical advice that also gave me self insight. I feel very grateful to have found you! Thank you so much for immediately getting to the root of the problem.

Aimee, Colorado

You are an absolutely wonderful parenting coach.  I enjoy working with you because you have such a caring and nurturing spirit that has positively reflected on our family.  I have learned many successful parenting techniques for my three children (ages 2, 7, and 13).  All of your sessions are extremely creative and energizing.  It is a blessing that we have been able to work with you. You are the best.

Lynette, St. Louis, MO

Becky is such a fun, wonderful coach. She taught me how to relax and play with Emily. I was much too serious with my other children. Mothering has been pure joy, thanks to Becky's help.

Laura, St. Louis, MO

Thank you so much, Becky, for your parenting advice. I was a nurse who did not know anything about baby toys or play. My daughter is so developmentally advanced. We got off to a great start!

Misti, San Jose, CA

I did attachment parenting with Maren. We are so close! And she is so independent, bright, and secure. Becky's advice allowed me to have natural childbirth the second time after having a Caesarean section the first time. We bonded immediately and I love being so knowledgeable about her world. Thank you for coaching me.

Val, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

We love our Becky! She was one of the first people I told when I was pregnant. She is an excellent coach and friend!

Sue, Bill and Cole, Carmel, CA

I am so thankful for you! I feel so at peace after we talked!! Thank you, thank you!!!

Starlyn, Las Vegas, NV

As a single dad, I needed help and direction raising my fantastic children. Becky has been instrumental in helping me tackle challenges that I had not seen before. She has also helped create in me the intuition and confidence to continually make the best choices for my

Andrew, St. Louis, MO

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